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WISNET(わいずねっと)ではお客様との連絡方法につきまして、すべて メールまたは、FAXによる連絡方法に限らせて頂いております。 大切な情報に誤った内容や、誤解がないように、 お電話(口頭)による誤解や行き違いを防ぐ目的でもございます ので、お客様にはご不便をお掛けしますが何卒ご理解賜りますようお願い申し上げます。



I have particular favor and am always very grateful.
I am limited all to a communication method with an email or the FAX about the communication method with the visitor in WISNET( わいずねっと). Because there is even a purpose to prevent misunderstanding and missing each other with the telephone (word of mouth) so that important information does not have wrong contents and misunderstanding, I cause you inconvenience, but ask a visitor to have understanding.
In addition, I accept an email and the inquiry by the FAX for 365 days for 24 hours.
In addition, less than 24 hours of the business day normal as for the answer (besides there is a case to have time by contents.) A line drops.


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